Pre-Owned Bikes

Berger’s is now accepting bikes in trade, and allowing floor space for selling bikes on consignment. WE WANT YOUR BIKES!

We will be selling used bikes in good working order. There are bound to be blemishes and issues with some bikes for sale, but we hope to keep these to a minimum, and will list any and all problems as completely as we can. Bikes sold in as-is condition; if there are repairs which need to be made, they will be the responsibility of the purchaser. No warranty on used bikes, no service plan.

Bikes we are looking for include bike-shop, name brand bikes in excellent working order, with no or very few mechanical and cosmetic issues. We can fix your bike up for sale if you think it worth the effort and resources. But keep in mind that we will probably suggest that you offer it for sale at a price we think will move it within a month or so. In most cases, this is bound to be less than what you think it’s worth. You have been warned…

Used bikes are a tricky thing and we unabashedly reserve the right to refuse any bike in trade or consignment for any or no particular reason. Contact us via phone or email for further details, or if you have a bike you think we might be interested in selling.