Service & Repairs:

Berger’s Bikeshop offers quality service with excellent turnaround times and reasonable prices. Bring your bike in for a free estimate for repairs and tunes. Call us with details regarding your pending custom build and we can work up a build list for you. That bike you bought off the internet? We can put that together for you straight out of the box or complete a comprehensive tune on an already built, but not quite adjusted right bike.

Bike being fixedWe’d love to quote on your custom build project. Mike and Keenan love the bicycle weirdness and hot builds, so if you’re thinking of a custom, frame-up build, upgrading your current bike, or some other, freakier project, get in touch for a quote — we’ll do our best to provide a competitive quote so we have work this winter… Mike is a UBI certified mechanic, Shimano Di2 certified, and a DT Swiss certified wheel builder. Perfect time to do that Soma, Handsome, Surly, Rawland, or other niche build; Mike loves building wheels, especially with Velocity rims and Sturmey Archer hubs.

Talk to us if you’re currently wrecking the light “race” wheels you bought with your bike and would like a quality set of spare “training” wheels. Hint: here on the Seacoast, you need a set of spare wheels for training if… your current set of wheels has less than 28 spokes/wheel; your current wheelset has alloy nipples; your current wheelset is deep-dish carbon; your current aluminum rims are not eyeletted; you’ve already broken a spoke or two… Those tubular Reflex rims would make for a slick cyclocross wheelset…

As your local independent bike shop, we are a full-service center, offering just about any repair, upgrade, or service you might require. We service all brands and turn work orders as quickly as possible. Same-day service available by appointment. Walk-ins welcome for simple services like flat repairs.

We stock basic SRAM, Shimano, and Bontrager components — call for availability. We can special order just about any part you need; most parts usually available within 5 business days.

Call for specific needs, inquiries, estimates, and service lead times.


Bikes left unclaimed for more than 30 days after service is complete and customer has been notified will start accruing a storage charge at a rate of $5/day. Once storage fees exceed original service fee, bike will be donated to charity or sold to recoup service/parts expenses.

Sample services:

  • Cable tune — brakes and shifting cable adjustment, chain lube: $30
  • Base complete tune — Cable tune + bearing adjustment, bike clean, lateral wheel true, complete lube, brake service: $65
  • Intermediate tune — Base tune + radial wheel true, bike wash and shine, drivetrain degrease, free cassette, chain, and tire install if needed: $125
  • Advance tune — Intermediate tune + cable and housing replacement, complete bearing disassembly and re-grease, bike detailing, free bar wrap (tape extra), pedal service. Basically, we take your bike apart, clean every part, re-grease, re-assemble, and adjust everything. $225


Ala Carte:
  • Fix flat (replace tube — tube additional cost), wheel on bike: $10
  • Fix flat, wheel off bike: $5.00 Derailleur adjustment, F or R: $15\Spoke replacement: $25 + $1/ea for spokes
  • Cable replacement, F/R, brake or derailleur: $20\
  • Minor lateral wheel true: $15
  • Major wheel true, including de- and re-tensioning, radial true: $30
  • Wheel build: $50 (we are a Velocity dealer)
  • Replace derailleur: $20
  • Install bottom bracket: $30
  • Install crankset: $20
  • Chain replacement: $15
  • Wrap bar with tape: $15
  • Drivetrain upgrade/replacement: $125
  • Build shipped bike, previously built: $50
  • Build shipped bike, new bike (YES, WE WILL CORRECTLY BUILD YOUR INTERNET-BOUGHT BIKE): up to $75